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September 14, 2015


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I'm excited to welcome everyone to the start of a new year within the Madison ASHRAE Chapter. I want to thank Carol Mori for her service as the 2014 -2015 President providing guidance and leadership for the Chapter and the Board of Governors (BOG). I also want to thank the many BOG members past and present for their service to this organization. Since ASHRAE is a pure volunteer organization I want to thank all the volunteers that support this chapter and ASHRAE.  

This year is an exciting time for many of our chapter members as the CRC is coming to Madison this year. The CRC 2016 committee is in full swing planning and organizing for this event. I want to thank Carol Mori and the multiple members of her team who are organizing this event.

Dan Bergmann has been planning and arranging some very exciting and informative programs for our meetings this year.  September will start with one of a few fundamental technical sessions that we will be providing as part of the programs this year. The September main meeting provided by Jeff Boldt will discuss ASHRAE Standard 188 and Engineering Keys to Legionella Control. As we start these programs we will also be offering the cafeteria plan for the first two months. This is a great deal if you plan on attending 5 or more meetings, which we hope you will.

We have also updated many of the company histories located on the history page of the website. I would encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing the histories of the companies posted. If you have interest in sharing the history of your company please let me know so we can get it posted.

There are a few open committee chair positions available. If you have interest in getting involved in ASHRAE please  find me or any of the other board members to get additional details on these positions. If you're not interested in being a named committee chair and want to volunteer for some specific tasks that's welcome too.

I'm looking forward to a great year serving as your chapter president.



Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2015-2016


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